Built on 180 Years of Experience‚Äč

Backed by OMART from Old Mutual, the oldest short-term insurer in the country, our pedigree offers you unparalleled confidence. With us, you can assure your customers that they’re receiving the highest quality of coverage.

Your Trusted Partner in Building Dealership Success Across South Africa

We’re not just another insurance brand; we’re a specialised dealership partner that aims to exceed your every need. With our services stretching across the country and partnerships with some of South Africa’s biggest names, we’re setting new standards in the dealership industry.

Insurance Innovation

We’re not just staying ahead of the curve; we’re shaping it. Our commitment to innovation drives everything we do, from product development to service delivery. We continually seek out new and improved ways to drive business, always focused on boosting your efficiency and bottom line.

Placing Priorities in the Right Places

We treat our clients as unique individuals because we understand the transformative power of personal service. Our ambition extends beyond profit; it’s about helping our dealership partners and their clients achieve their goals.

What This Means for You

Partner with us, and you’re not just gaining an insurer; you’re gaining a partner committed to your growth and success. Miss out, and you might find yourself struggling to keep up in an ever-changing marketplace.