Elevating your dealership success

We’re not just another insurance brand; we’re a specialised dealership partner that aims to exceed your every need. With our services stretching across the country and partnerships with some of South Africa’s biggest names, we’re setting new standards in the dealership industry.

Solve the complexity of your dealership business with customised insurance solutions you can trust

Warranties & VAPS have become essential for building long-term customer loyalty at car dealerships & we guide dealerships to profit and peace of mind, through specialised insurance plans tailored to fit any need.

Equipping Dealerships for Success

Our representatives take great care to ensure that each partner is thoroughly informed and trained on all of our product benefits and plans.

This attention to detail will help you understand the value of our products, and how you can best sell them to your customers. By investing time in you, together we can drive greater results for all those involved.


We provide clear and comprehensive training on all of our offerings.


We believe that a well-informed dealer is key to successful sales

Leading the market

Through competitive market earnings, we are dedicated to supporting the success of our partners and providing them with the best possible earnings opportunities. 

Our products are carefully designed and priced to offer market-leading returns, helping you to maximise your earnings and grow your business. We understand that your success is directly linked to our own, and we are committed to providing you with the resources and support you need to succeed. 

Why choose us as your dealership partner

As a Motorvaps partner, you will have the opportunity to benefit from a range of advantages that will positively impact your business

A product range backed by Mutual and Federal risk financing limited.

Professional product training to drive sales and improve client satisfaction.

Access useful tools such as WebQuote for quick and efficient client quotations.

Confidence that your clients will receive the highest level of service and care.

Motor Warranty

Motor warranties cover a vehicle’s components from sudden and unforeseen mechanical or electrical failure. All Warranties administered by Motorvaps are underwritten by Mutual and Federal risk financing, members of the Old Mutual Group.

Tyre & Rim Insurance

Tyre and Rim covers the repair or replacement of damaged tyres and rims which have sustained damage due to potholes and unforeseen road hazards on any maintained South African Road.

Body & Interior Maintenance

Body and Interior maintenance covers the damage caused to a vehicle from day-to-day motoring, such as scratches, dents, and chips, keeping your customer’s car in showroom condition. This cover excludes any damage caused by vehicle accidents.

Tyre Maintenance Plans

Tyre maintenance covers the cost of repair or replacement tyres in the event of these tyres sustaining sudden and unforeseen damage caused by unforeseen road hazards and potholes.

Service & Maintenance Plans

Service and Maintenance covers a vehicle’s major and minor services as part of the routine upkeep of the vehicle. This routine upkeep includes the replacement of oils, spark plugs, and various other items required to keep your customers’ vehicles in optimum running condition.

Credit Shortfall

Credit shortfall will cover the difference between the retail value at the date of loss and the finance settlement balance in the event of a write-off.

Deposit Cover

Deposit cover will pay for the original deposit on the insured vehicle in the event of a write-off.
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