Cover for your car

Tyre & Rim Cover

Discover comprehensive rim cover and tyre cover with Motorvaps. Safeguard your vehicle’s tyres and rims against unexpected damage from road hazards on South African roads. Whether it’s pesky potholes or unexpected foreign objects on national or domestic roads, we’ve got you covered.

Repair or replace your tyres when they're damaged from covered events

Rim cover ensures that your vehicle's rims are taken care of, covering repair or replacement costs from unforeseen incidents.

Additional Benefits like Tyre Plugs when you experience a puncture that can be repaired by plugging,

Get more value for money with dedicated 24-hour roadside assistance

Reliable Tyre and rim cover in South Africa

Get more value for money with dedicated 24-hour roadside assistance, call-out services and many more additional benefits!

tyre and rim cover

Optional Additional Cover

Along with cover for up to 37 parts in your car, we also offer other valuable additions to your portfolio.

scratch & dent cover

Scratch & Dent


Damage to your vehicle caused by day-to-day driving, such as scratches, dents & chips.

Brakes & Wipers


We’ll cover the labour and cost of replacing your brakes and wipers when they break or become worn out.