A Rugby Partnership Built on Shared Values

False Bay Rugby Club (FBRFC) and Motorvaps (Pty) Ltd have solidified a partnership rooted in community support and a shared passion for excellence. Since joining forces in January 2022, the collaboration has transcended mere sponsorship, fostering a connection that extends beyond the field.

Situated in Cape Town’s iconic Constantia Sports Complex, FBRC boasts a rich history and renowned teams, mirroring Motorvaps’ commitment to quality and dedication. Together, they have navigated victories, challenges, and forged enduring bonds within the vibrant local community.

This partnership extends far beyond the playing field. Motorvaps, a trusted provider of automotive solutions, stands alongside FBRFC in nurturing local talent, fostering camaraderie, and promoting healthy competition. This collaboration embodies a shared commitment to excellence and driving success, both on and off the pitch.

Much like the vehicles Motorvaps protects, FBRC exemplifies resilience and triumph. Deeply embedded in the community, the club continues to inspire determination and passion for the sport. As the new season approaches, anticipation builds for the electrifying matches and moments that will once again ignite the local rugby scene.

Motorvaps, proud sponsor of FBRFC, is excited to continue this collaborative journey. The partnership brings together the enthusiasm of rugby fans and the dedication of automotive enthusiasts. While FBRC defends their turf with unwavering spirit, Motorvaps extends its protective shield to vehicles across the region, ensuring every journey is as thrilling as the cheers echoing from the stands.

Looking ahead, the possibilities for this partnership are boundless. Fans can expect exciting collaborations, engaging activities, and exclusive offers that will ignite the passion of both rugby and automotive enthusiasts. Motorvaps and FBRC invite you to join them on this remarkable journey, where protection meets passion, and excellence knows no bounds.

Motorvaps False Bay Rugby Club
Motorvaps False Bay Rugby Club

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