Adding VAPS to Your Insurance Portfolio

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Managing risk is essential. This rings especially true in the realm of vehicle ownership and insurance. Comprehensive motor insurance, often mandated by financial institutions for new vehicle owners who finance their cars, provides a robust yet rudimentary level of cover. It serves as the backbone of your vehicle’s financial safety net, but it has its limitations.

Here’s where MotorvapsTM shines, Value-Added Products and Services (VAPS)—a suite of elective insurance and non-insurance add-ons that include mechanical warranties, service plans, scratch and dent policies, and even tyre cover. Although VAPS are optional and not mandated by financial institutions, overlooking their potential benefits could be a missed opportunity for complete protection and peace of mind.

VAPS, while elective, should be considered essential for anyone looking to optimise their insurance portfolio.

Comprehensive vehicle insurance covers fixed scenarios—usually theft, damage due to accidents, and third-party liability. However, life is full of unexpected and minor mishaps that aren’t necessarily covered by comprehensive insurance, or the excess to claim on a minor scratch & dent outweighs the cost of the damage. VAPS offer a personalised safety net tailored to real-world circumstances. Do you regularly drive long distances? A mechanical warranty or service plan can save you from untimely breakdowns and hefty repair bills. Living in an urban area with tight parking spaces? A scratch and dent policy will have you covered.

While adding VAPS to your insurance portfolio does come with an additional cost, it can result in significant long-term savings. Whether it’s avoiding the cost of a new tyre or receiving complimentary roadside assistance when you need it the most, VAPS add-ons provide value that can far outweigh the initial expense (Deloitte South Africa, 2019).

The mental well-being that comes from knowing you’re covered for almost any eventuality cannot be overstated. While it’s easy to dismiss minor inconveniences like scratches or punctured tyres as negligible, the stress associated with these incidents can accumulate. VAPS offer emotional and psychological peace of mind, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your life (Accenture South Africa, 2020).

In a country marked by a challenging economic landscape, vehicle-related crime, and varying road conditions, VAPS take on an added layer of importance. Tailoring your insurance portfolio to include VAPS provides a buffer against the unique set of challenges that South African vehicle owners often face (Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa, 2021).

While VAPS are elective additions you’re not obligated to include, their contribution to your overall sense of security and financial preparedness makes them essential. They fill the gaps left by comprehensive insurance, offering a more rounded and nuanced form of protection that can be customised to your lifestyle, driving habits, and the specific risks you face.

So, as you navigate through life’s uncertainties, take a moment to consider bolstering your vehicle’s financial safety net with VAPS. In a world where the ‘elective’ can quickly become ‘essential,’ a well-rounded insurance portfolio might just be the peace of mind you didn’t know you needed.


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