What is Scratch and Dent Cover?

scratch & dent cover

Most car owners know the heart-sinking feeling of discovering a new scratch or dent on their beloved vehicle. Whether it’s from a rogue shopping cart, a careless driver in a parking lot, or just the minor damages of daily driving, these small damages can be a major annoyance.

Understanding Scratch and Dent Cover

Scratch and dent cover is a specialised insurance product designed to cover the costs of repairing minor cosmetic damages to your vehicle. Unlike major collision damage, which is typically covered by comprehensive or collision insurance, scratch and dent cover focuses on those small imperfections that can still be costly to fix.

Why Consider Scratch and Dent Cover?

Cost-Effective Repairs

Fixing scratches and dents out-of-pocket can be surprisingly expensive. With scratch and dent cover from Motorvaps, you can ensure these repairs don’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Maintain Vehicle Value

Minor damages can significantly reduce the resale value of your car. Keeping your vehicle in pristine condition helps maintain its market value.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you’re covered for those unexpected dings and scratches means one less thing to worry about on the road.

What’s Typically Covered?

While specific coverages can vary, most scratch and dent policies will cover:

Scratches, scuffs, and minor paintwork damage.

Small dents where the paint hasn’t been broken.

Damages typically up to a specified diameter (e.g., 15cm for other providers).

Why Choose Motorvaps for Scratch and Dent Cover?

Motorvaps stands out in the South African insurance market for our commitment to customer satisfaction and comprehensive coverage options. Our scratch and dent cover is designed with the modern driver in mind, ensuring that your vehicle remains as flawless as the day you bought it.

The Scratch & Dent Plan by Motorvaps covers both exterior and interior damages caused by everyday motoring. This includes:

Exterior Damage

Scratches, dents, chips, tar removal, hail damage, and more.

Interior Damage

Scratches, seat tears, burn holes, material linings, and more.

Detailed Breakdown of Motorvaps Scratch & Dent Cover

We understand the importance of maintaining your vehicle’s aesthetics and ensuring it remains in pristine condition. Here’s a closer look at the specific cover we offer:


Minor blemishes can detract from your vehicle’s appearance. We cover the repair or restoration of surface scratches on your vehicle’s bodywork. A surface scratch is defined as one that hasn’t penetrated the paint to reveal the underlying metal.


Dents can be an eyesore, especially on a well-maintained vehicle. Our cover ensures the repair or restoration of minor dents, as long as the repair cost doesn’t exceed the plan’s cover limit. However, if a body panel is ripped or torn, it’s not classified as a dent under this coverage.

Stone Chips

Driving on certain terrains can result in stone chips on your vehicle. We cover the maintenance or restoration costs for these chips, provided they haven’t exposed the metal beneath the paint.

Windscreen and Glass Components Maintenance

A chipped windscreen can compromise both visibility and safety. We cover repairable windscreen chips that don’t affect driver visibility or the vehicle’s roadworthiness. However, if the windscreen cracks during the repair, the replacement cost will be borne by the vehicle owner. Additionally, this benefit extends to repairable damages to headlamps and related glass components.

Hail Damage

Hail can cause significant damage to vehicles. If your car suffers from hail damage, we’ll cover the repair costs, provided the restoration is done by an accredited dent remover or a recognized hail damage removal process. It’s essential to note that you can claim this benefit only once.

Tar Removal

Tar can be a stubborn substance to remove from your vehicle’s bodywork. We cover the cost of tar removal using standard industry detergents and polishes.

Damage to Wheel Rims and Mag Wheels

Scratched wheel rims or mag wheels can detract from your vehicle’s overall look. We’ll cover the repair costs for scratched rims or mags. However, cracked or buckled rims are excluded from this coverage. Each claim is limited to a maximum of 2 mags or rims.

Headlight Renewal

Over time, plastic headlights can become cloudy or discoloured. We offer a headlight renewal benefit, capped at R500 per headlight. This benefit becomes available after 6 months and is limited to one claim per plan.

Motorvaps Scratch & Dent Cover is designed to ensure your vehicle remains in top-notch condition, covering a wide range of minor damages that can occur from daily use. With our policy, you can drive with peace of mind, knowing that we’ve got you covered for those unexpected blemishes.

It’s essential to note that damages resulting from vehicle accidents are not covered under this plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there an excess when I claim?

No, there’s no excess payable when you claim.

2. Is there a limit to the damage covered? 

Yes, the limit depends on the plan purchased and the specific benefit.

3. Can I get coverage for existing damage?

Yes, but only under the Body Maintenance Plan. Check the Body Cover and Body Maintenance section for specifics.

4. Where can I get my vehicle repaired?

You can choose any RMI-approved repairer.

5. Can I repair my vehicle and then send the invoice?

No, claims must be registered and approved before any repair work begins.

Scratch and dent cover is an invaluable asset for vehicle owners, ensuring that minor damages don’t become major headaches.

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